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Hello, my name is Abel Garza. I'm a professional artist who specializes in fine art productions that encorporate my skills of paint and printmaking. Along with producing artwork, I am proficient in the area of art administration with duties that include: staff management, marketing, budget management, public relations, program development and evaluation. Other specialties of mine include art education, civic art installation, web design, graphic design, photography and art direction. If you're interested in working with me, contact me below with any inquiries you may have. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!




Originally from Houston Texas, Abel was always fascinated with traveling and meeting people. Coming from a Mexican American family with practical values and sense of responsibility, Abel spent years working in order to study fine art, travel, and observe other cultures thrive in their surrounding environment.

Drawn to the ocean at a very young age, Abel eventually made his way to Southern California and made it his home for nearly a decade. After finishing his undergraduate studies of Fine Art at San Diego State University he began to exhibit his artwork in California and Baja Mexico. He eventually returned to Texas and is currently exploring new source material for his artwork that helps him further his ongoing concept of creating paintings that tell a story to the viewer. Whether it is autobiographical or parable-esque, Abel continues to entertain his viewers with vibrant colors and a variety of background stories that allow his artwork to find a common ground with his audience.

“When contriving ideas for my work, I tend to hone in on the surrounding elements brought forth by life. Whether they be addressed personally or publicly, I transpose my emotions visually to explain to the viewer how I feel about those elements.  I find that the most interesting forms of art communicate to the viewer on a personal level.  Thank you so much for stopping by and hope you enjoy my artwork.”  

 Abel Garza




In the store you'll find that most of my paintings are available as reproductions known as giclées. First and foremost...what in the heck is a giclée? A giclée, pronounced "g-clay", is a printed reproduction that incorporates a sophisticated printing method used for fine art. The process merges the use of professional grade large format printers with archival pigment inks, acid free watercolor papers and canvas. By using custom profiles, precise color correction and expert scanning, pigment printing can render subtle gradations and many colors that would be out of range with other technologies. All art substrates that I use are archival and acid free. I am currently utilizing the latest imaging equipment and profiling technology to make sure that each giclée ordered will last lifetimes. Currently, free shipping is only offered throughout the United States.



Often I will present at art markets or venues around Houston and other cities. These events will be updated through my blog as well as social media outlets. The great thing about purchasing in person is that my customers will find much more content to choose from such as framed works and originals. Originals can also be seen during gallery exhibitions. These too will be updated via blog and social media. 



I'm always open to new projects and commissions depending on my availability. If you have other questions about my work or want more information regarding purchase of an original, shoot me a line by filling out the form below and we'll talk. Or you can find me through the usual social media sites by tapping on the links below.



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