New Work On The Horizon

Howdy everybody! Just wanted to let you guys know that I have started on a new series of work. Finally huh?! I’ve been working pretty hard these past few months getting imagery prepped for it so BE EXCITED because I sure am! Along with new personal work, I will also be doing a NEW project this year with some eager students through my education program here in Houston TX. Really fun stuff and am looking forward to this upcoming school year!

Aside from artwork, I was able to follow the World Cup like your friendly neighborhood super fan. I was tuned in 24/7 and let me tell you, it was pretty emotional. It comes around every four years and when it does, I reconnect with friends from all over the world! Busting each others chops on score predictions, unfair calls by the refs, plays by opposing teams, laughing together, CRYING together. In retrospect, I was really proud of USA with their great performance! Not to mention that record setting goal by Dempsey when they played against Ghana! Mexico I was REALLY proud of, especially with how tough they played! Brazil, my jaw was dropped the entire game against Germany. I must admit I shed a tear for you guys…the footage of all those crying fans was just too much! Good hustle up until that devistating game, however. Argentina was Americas last hope and they did phenomenal. But in the end, Germany took the win. They did MAGNIFICENT! In my opinion, after seeing such a fabulous display of skill throughout the entire series, I feel that they truly deserved that cup. Shout out to all my German amigos out there!

Abel Garza