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Un Dia Normal and Carl...try to Focus on The Daily News Published in October of 2014

Art studio vibes in Houston TX  2014 for The Daily News regarding Artoberfest

El Mexicano Gran Diario Regional Published in May of 2009

Buenos dias amigos! I'm really excited to let you guys know that my artwork got published in The Daily News. This newspaper is the oldest newspaper in the entire state of Texas and can't be more pleased and honored about the spread.  The article mentions my involvement in this years Artoberfest that will take place in Galveston Texas. What's pretty sweet is that the artwork that's displayed in the article consists of my older works. Since my arrival to Houston I've been involved in the reproduction of my artwork through giclée distribution. (More on this under the "questions" section on my homepage) The article brought back a ton of memories. mostly those of producing artwork and living in California. I'd like to take this time to thank ArtOberfest for wanting to publish my work for the upcoming event!

 Press is a wonderful way to push your artwork to the masses and have been pretty fortunate to have received some positive feedback regarding my work. It can also be a little nerve racking! I went ahead and dusted off some old articles that were written in good ol' Mexico while exhibiting artwork for the Instituto Cultural de Baja Mexico in Tijuana back in 2009. I had the pleasure of being asked to exhibit my work with fellow colleague and good friend Ivan Camarena. Fun times, brah!

Frontera Diario Independente de Tijuana Published in May 2009 

Abel Garza